A “spiritual planetarium” refer to a concept that combines elements of spirituality and astronomy. It is a practice that is designed to help individuals connect with the spiritual and cosmic aspects of the universe.

A spiritual planetarium is a physical space, such as a planetarium or observatory, that is used for meditation or other spiritual practices related to the stars and cosmos. This type of space used to facilitate contemplation of the vastness and interconnectedness of the universe, and to encourage a sense of awe and wonder in relation to the cosmos.

Alternatively, a spiritual planetarium is a more conceptual idea or practice, such as a way of approaching one’s spiritual beliefs or practices with a greater awareness of the cosmic dimensions of existence. This could involve incorporating elements of astronomy or cosmology into spiritual practices, such as contemplating the stars or the cycles of the moon as a way of connecting with the divine.

Overall, the concept of a spiritual planetarium is relatively new and is not widely recognized in academic or scientific circles, but it  have value for individuals seeking to explore the intersection of spirituality and science.